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    1. 高英語三短文改錯Nearly five years before and with the help b

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      Nearly five years before ,and with the help by our father, my sister and I planted some cherry tomatoes(圣女果)in our back garden, since then---for all these year---we had been allowing tomatoes to self seed where they please . As result, the plants are growing somewhere. The fruits are small in size, but juicy an d taste. There are so much that we often share them with our neighbors .Although we allow tomato plants to grow in the same place year after year, but we have never had any disease or insect attack problem. We are growing wonderfully tomatoes at on cost!   
      71.before→ago   72.by→of  73.had→have  74.year→years  75.as result→as a result
      76.somewhere→everywhere  77.taste→tasty  78.much→many  79.but→yet/去掉but
      80.wonderfully→wond erful 高考英語學習經驗  http://www.dgrentalcar.com/yy/
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